Jim Hooker


Jim Hooker became a Christian in 1980. While doing pastoral work in the church in the mid eighties, he was drawn to help those caught in the self perpetuating cycle of poverty. In 1986 while attending the Missions program at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California Jim was led to start “Turnaround Ministries” (see PDF brochure) in the inner-city of Los Angles. Turnaround Ministries was formed as a holistic ministry to help single parents trapped in the welfare system to become employable and find freedom from the addictive welfare system.


In the latter part of 2005 Jim was given a clear and specific revelation that he was being called to help the poor on a larger scale in developing countries. With this work there was an emphasis on children at risk. A work began on a small island in the Philippines in 2006.


Servants of the Kingdom will continue its holistic work helping those in South America, beginning in Ecuador, where a) there is a deficiency in the most basic needs to survive, such as clean water and a sustainable food supply and b) for children at risk.